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Nov 4, 2014
So vote for the next moron the republicans push forward and get drawn into the next useless war in a godforsaken place you have no business being. Ask yourself what the Bush wars (Iraq & Afghanistan) have brought you besides non-viewable remains in body bags, an unbelievably high national debt and big fat bonusses for the Haliburton execs.
You get the government you deserve and normally I could care less which clown you put in the Casa Blanca but the tragedy here is that the US has the capability of dragging the rest of the free world down the tubes with it. The bank crisis showed that. A crisis caused by republican policies of not interfering with free enterprise, !$%*!$%* the little guy and its love affair with the defence industry.
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Jan 30, 2012
So true! So sad but true.

Best strip so far!
Feb 14, 2011
Reading the comments on this strip... NOW I get the joke! Hahahahahahaha
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Nov 1, 2010
Barack is not a communist. He is an anti colonialist. He thinks that America is evil and should pay for spreading itself to the rest of the world for the sake of increasing it's wealth and power. Which I feel is far worse then him being a communist.
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Sep 12, 2010
I read the stuff from other commenters. That's why I stopped commenting.
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