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Dec 30, 2009
I love it when people try to make other people look stupid and end up being the fools
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Jul 25, 2009
I.S, I was advising you on how one could choke on coffee, not how I personally drink it. And dessication... nice word. Word of the day toilet paper? :)
Jul 24, 2009
T mrleaffan - thanks for the primer on human respiration, chap! My comment however, was directed at the idea that the problem may instead be Naria's esophagus collapsing due to excessive dessication caused by the dryness of brewed and ground beans, or perhaps just the girth of unground beans.

Further, if 'filling your mouth with coffee, plugging your nose, and taking a deep breath through your mouth' is how you consume coffee, I feel that you might be more at risk than Naria.

Wishing you prosperity and fulfillment in all your endeavours,
-I. S.
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Jul 24, 2009
ivanstrelnikov - have you never heard of choking on a liquid? Try this: Fill your mouth with coffee... now plug your nose, and take a deep breath through your mouth. Let me know how that works out. No response, will also suffice.
Apr 28, 2009
T Naria - do you brew your coffee before you consume it?
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