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May 5, 2011
Had been assigned a subordinate like that.. He's also a relative of the CEO.. Everything had to be explained or argued over.. and on most occasions, I could never win or get through to him! In a battle between logical and illogical, the illogical usually win.. it is illogical for the logical to waste time arguing over illogical matters.

i got rid of him by giving favorable performance rating with comments such as "highly unique and independent thinker.. unwavering self confidence and beliefs.. a reliable team-player who provides critical 'out-of-box' point of view.. always challenge and question known parameters.."

he got fast-tracked promotion to manage another team but was asked to leave soon after.. I was given hell by my boss for my 'glowing review' that got my subordinate fast-tracked.. I asked my boss which part of my comments weren't true?

Sadly, none of subsequent subordinates with genuine excellent performance were ever fast-tracked again.
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