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Jan 9, 2012
If Enron stock was the default choice for their own 401(k), that would be the least shady thing the company ever did!
Aug 29, 2011
@nullous makes perfect sense! so if it is put in a mutual fund, only the interest earned in later years will be subject to tax! i should recommend this approach at work! i'm sure there is a loophole somewhere in our tax system.
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Jul 24, 2011
@grz Basically a 401(k) works like this: they take the money out of your paycheck before income tax deductions are calculated, that money is then put into a mutual fund. When you retire you then start getting paid from that money and pay the income taxes on it. Since your income is lower after retirement you pay less taxes on it.

This is by no means a thorough explanation.
Oct 31, 2010
Isn't this the same mindset behind the current rise of socialism in the United States?
Jul 7, 2010
The boss proves, once again, that he is an enormous idiot.
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