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Feb 1, 2011
@dillianvase You do have a choice, get an education and become management. You get paid only 7 dollars an hour and work like a horse for a reason. Don't talk to me about the economy, I have NO degree and I've held 5 jobs in the last year because I bust my @$$ and each job gave better and better pay. Now I am a legal assistant making just under 20 bucks an hour, once again with 0 education. As a deliverer your job is to deliver. No tip necessary, I don't get a tip when I pull an all nighter getting paperwork together for a trial. I don't get a tip when I file everyone of my court filings with 100 percent accuracy. I do my job and I get paid for doing my JOB.
Jan 31, 2011
I've never waited tables, but I have been a delivery driver for around 10 months, and only get a tip on about 60% of my deliveries, and I mostly deliver to quarter-million plus houses (in South Carolina, mind you), which I just don't understand. Not only do I make food when I'm in the store, I also take orders, answer phones, box orders, etc. I make 7 dollars an hour while in store, and 4 dollars an hour while on delivery. Plus, I'm using my own car, buy my own gas, and the only mileage compensation I get is 67 cents per delivery from the 2 dollar delivery charge. I absolutely feel I deserve a tip for my efforts, but I still get bewildered looks when people see the empty "tip" section on the credit card slips. I understand if you don't agree with the current wage/tip system in America, and I don't like it either, I think tips should be rewards, not the primary source of income. However, if you fail to tip or intentionally give a poor tip, you are only hurting the ones who have no control over it, it doesn't affect management at all.
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Dec 10, 2010
I waited tables and bartended through college and loved the job. I enjoy people and find their stories genuinly interesting. I don't feel anyone here is berating anyone else for tipping or not tipping. Simply pointing out the reasoning for both. Many states do only pay a $3 dollar wage to servers expecting them to make it up in tips, and claim those tips for tax purposes. If you get good service, it's polite to tip what you feel comfortable with. If you don't get good service, don't tip. My only pet peeve was people blaming me for the food. I didn't cook it, I just made sure the customer received it as soon as it was ready, and with a smile.
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Nov 3, 2010
Tipping is an archaic form of payment. I am from America and I always hated the idea of paying someone to do their job. Their job is to take my order and bring my order and clean up my order. Now if I have a overally messy child with me (which sometimes my daughters can be that way) and the server is helpful and understanding, NOW they are going above and beyond. I wish restaurants would just pay reasonable wages and benefits and just make all the food a little more expensive.
Jun 11, 2010
Not tipping someone is not a sign of disrespect... Demanding someone to tip you is. From that kind of attitude, I should get a tip every time I help someone at the IT servicedesk I´m working at. If you want more respect or money, work for it!
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