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Sep 24, 2013
...not sure if Dogbert finally DID give a usefull advice to Dilbert... or if he just wants to see somebody criticise Dilbert
Sep 4, 2013
So, what's your theory on the number of down-votes you got robotgymnist? Only women read Dilbert? :P
Apr 28, 2013
Robot, you just excluded "all the women" from "all the smart people."
Maybe you should ask Dogbert for some lines while you're here! Buwahaha.
Feb 5, 2011
Ok, there's all KINDS of things wrong with what you just said, robotgymnast. Besides all of the ridiculously sexist parts of that comment, what if people gave it one star or four stars?
Dec 29, 2009
You can tell exactly the number of women and men voted. Lookit:
Let m w = [current number of votes]
5m/(m w) = [current rating]

in my case:
5m/346 = 4.5

So 311 men voted, and 35 women voted.
This is, of course, going off the scientific fact that all women voted 0/5 and all the smart people voted 5/5.
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