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Apr 24, 2008
The only good thing about this site is that the strips are in color. PLEEEEEEEEZ dump this piece of crap and return to the old format before we all give up on Dilbert and start reading the Wizard of Id.
Apr 24, 2008
Thanks for the link to the old site, I'll bookmark it right away.
So sad to have to register just to criticize, but I've been reading Dilbert online for YEARS now and this is the worst news since some idiot decided that Flash was fashionable.
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Apr 23, 2008
I just used the friend-spam link to tell Scott, "We hate your new site - change it back." I suggest everyone else does the same until the big dog gets the message!

This new site is EVERYTHING THAT'S WRONG with modern web design: too shiny, too much ad-space, too much whitespace, too slow, and too much **completely unnecessary** Flash crap. Were it not for the archive link, I wouldn't come at all, and the dear Mr. Adams and his publisher would LOSE my loyal business forever.

A for ideas. F for execution. Which is what the new design is: Dilbert's execution at the hands of the corporate pinheads that Scott has long skewered.
Apr 23, 2008
Heeeeelp please e-mail your cries for help to
make the site usable for everyone not just mac and windoze users! Flash seems to work but not shockwave.
this link still works
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Apr 23, 2008
now the archive link is "404'd"


this new dilbert format is AWESOME... AWESOME... AWESOME...

keep jerking your fans around - it's a great strategy...
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