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Apr 24, 2008
I hate it. A strip oriented towards corporations should avoid things that that corporate IT nazi's block like flash. None of the government machines can see any of the animations. I also have to deal with a dial-up for some of my access so now the new site is no good for me.
Apr 24, 2008
The 'mashup' idea is kind of cool. Kind of. But as far as all the other changes go, I have to agree with the majority of the comments here. What is the point of adding color? It's more of a distraction than anything. Also - I watched one animation, and refuse to watch one ever again because of the same reason listed by anthevans - the voices are all wrong!!
Apr 24, 2008
Agree with others above. This new site is crap, takes much longer to load. Why make it less easy to use, just in order to be "fashionable" and stick to so-called new, "hype" web tools ? Just stick to the old site and everybody will be happy.

Please bring back the old format ASAP !
Apr 24, 2008
This new format is atrocious - I can only see the first 3 frames of the strips!
The web is supposed to facilitate access to information, not prevent it.

Stick to text as far as possible, graphics only when needed and don't use bloatware like flash where it is not necessary! Bring back the old format ASAP!
Apr 24, 2008
Dilbert in colour is like "The new Coca Cola" in the 80ies... It tastes bad! Bring back the old Dilbert, please. He wouldn't agree with this new "paradigma"...
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