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Apr 28, 2008
Everyday when I visit this site to read the new cartoon, I realise how much hassle it is to download the strip and negotiate around the site..
Please bring back the old format, but retain the color - OR redo the site with a calendar/download image option!
Apr 28, 2008
SO? For how long we have to put up with this crappy site? Can we get back that plain site with nice cartoons and not this flash crap? Or at least a link to plain black & white strips?
Apr 28, 2008
I am browsing past strips one month at a time. I do a date search and show 50 per page to show all 30/31 strips on one page. Now the problem is some of the strips have more than three boxes and it is difficult to guess which ones so i have to click and open each one to see if it has more than three boxes. If you could show a >> sign on the right side of any strip that has more than three boxes i can click and open only those and read the rest on the month a page itself instead of wasting time opening each and every one separately. Also if the cartoons in the month at a glance is arranged in one column while maintaining their original size it would make them easier to read.
Apr 28, 2008
Wow, this new lookreally sucks. It certainly makes me feel embraced by the Dilbert universe. Please do continue the evolution - perhaps an Flash add-in that jumps out of my computer to build cubicle walls around where I sit? Or perhaps a thin-haired hologram standing in my doorway with a jug of coffee asking if it is done loading yet.
Apr 28, 2008
Colour great, flash awful. Please revert to the previous site but keep the colour strips!
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