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Mar 6, 2010
I was working on adding new APIs to our CRS system (Central Registration Server). And yap, the data in there is outdated as well. :)
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Jan 22, 2010
Unfortunately, that's just too believable, Jaz... lol
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Oct 29, 2009
We found a complete different solution to the overlap of different databases - we will shut off one of them, so no one has a way of knowing if any data of this one particular database is wrong. Not kidding.
Sep 2, 2009
@ skintigh

GET A REAL BROWSER! FFS, the problems you have only persist with IE 6 (and possibly netscape navigator, I don't know because I HAVEN'T SEEN A COPY IN 10 YEARS). Please upgrade to IE 7/8 or Firefox and you will not have those problems.
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Jan 25, 2009
The PCB's use of faulty logic to interpret data reminds me of how the legal system works. One only has the read the constitution and see how the courts interpret the constitution to know that any resemblance between the two is entirely coincidental.
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