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May 16, 2008
Ok people,

Enough complaining, obviously Scott had his reasons to switch to flash; I'm sure some reason are the color, but more importantly it's a little harder for people to steal in Intellectual Property by copying the image file. In flash it is much tougher for people to right click>>save image without paying any dues to Scott. I'm sure there are other reasons, such as an much easier way to scan strips, but let's not give Scott any hard times, after all he doesn't really need to provide with his humour if he chooses...

Either way, I do agree that the navigation and basic usability principles weren't really followed, but I think that's just an oversight and I'm sure if we started giving constructive feedback to Scott, he would be more receptive to them.

Such as the "Add comment" for when people are not logged in, the link is definitely not discoverable. I think the intent is to get more people to register, which means that having a larger button target will make it more discoverable making more people register with this site.

Anyways, let's work within the confines of this site as available and see if Scott would be amendable to making a few usability improvements.


PS. if you haven't picked up on it, I am Canadian (see my spelling on humour), perhaps why I take the middle road ;-)
May 10, 2008
I agree - still a POS website. The old one was better in every way unless the only thing that matters to you is color. Seriously, Scott, have you grown pointy hair, like anthevans asked?
May 9, 2008
this is an awesome strip :)
May 9, 2008
C'mon, Scott -wake up. Listen to your fans. POS website.
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May 9, 2008
mmm flash on linux
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