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May 9, 2008
Some people with Linux/Unix don't use the Flash extension because it isn't open-source or possibly because they don't have a supported video card.
May 9, 2008
The worst part of this site is that the Flash animation of each strip *flashes* the longer (Sunday) strips and then loads into a stnadardized 3-pane format in which you can't see the resr of the strip!!!

Duh! an obvious inspiration for some Sunday strip for Scott...
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May 9, 2008
Great comics...Terrible website design.

It is slow because it is done by VPI dot net, which also hosts it. That company seems to only be competent in doing Flash-based websites. Being a website designer myself...I think any website that depends on a bulky add-on is a bad idea.

You can download the full image by picking through the code presented when you press the Embed button. Just copy and paste the link after "img src=" into your browser to see the full gif image.
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May 9, 2008
Excellent! :O) One of the better ones.
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May 9, 2008
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