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Jun 4, 2008
Or, it could be that he meant a hammer for pounding glass rather than a hammer made of glass.
Jun 4, 2008
>>>>This post is in response to mm1145

Catbert says, "Your classmates will be a glass hammer and a bag of nothing"

Now re-read this statement "Your classmates will be a glass, hammer and a bag of nothing"

Yes, it is possible that there might be a mistake. It might be the same one that you pointed out or maybe someone just missed a "," or perhaps Catbert is testing our IQ. We will never know the truth!
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Jun 3, 2008
I actually think mm1145 had a very good point. It's just hard to take criticisms seriously when the critic is unable to correct or even see the same faults in himself. I mean, would anyone really take grooming criticism from Wally no matter how correct he might be? Management advice from PHB? Dating lessons from Dilbert?

I did and look what happened....
Jun 3, 2008
It might have been hard to see a glass hammer against the blue-chair background. I would have been ok with the first two panels.
Jun 3, 2008
Re: "loblong" and the glass hammer thing...
I think the little dance between loblong and the responder were as funny as the strip today, at least the third panel of the strip. I thought Scott dropped the ball a little on the punch line for this strip. The setup was great but the final pane disappointing. And, oh, by the way, what about that real-hammer-looking hammer? The illiterate writer had a point, you know.
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