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May 2, 2013
No anti~Dilbert like phb could answer all of Dilbert's unanswered questions, let alone sit upon a chair of regular matter without blowing up the world.... but it is a comic strip.
Feb 14, 2010
danibert: i agree :D. Speaking of the "oppposite ties", has anyone noticed how much the two of them sitting together look like a stock tracker?
Jul 2, 2008
The Ol Goaler,
If you had read the previous strip, you'd know that they solved that little plothole, by the Anti-Dilbert using "Matterscreen SPF 50" so he wouldn't instantly explode once being exposed to matter(such as objects or even air)
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Jul 2, 2008
Two little remarks:

have the "anti-Dilbert" lean the other way (in the first panel they're both leaning towards the right - their left), the anti-Dilbert should be leaning the opposite way

Also the anti-Dilbert has his shirt pocket on the same side as Dilbert, perhaps it should be on the other side?

Other than that I love where this story is going (or could be going...)
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Jul 2, 2008
Thanks tigersgrowl for your explanation. English is not my native language and sometimes it's kind of hard to understand the strip without some guidance hahaha.

Did you guys notice that the clone's tie is curved in the opposite direction of Dilbert's hahahaha... funny detail. =D
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