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Jan 23, 2009
Thanks, atsukoarai86!
Unfortunately the comic strip doesn't give the same funny kick when someone actually explains it to you. I mean you'll enjoy it only if you understand it all by yourself. Anyway, I appreciate the explanation.
Jan 23, 2009
gah what I meant was "things always get worse before they get better", not "bad before they get worse" ...

sorry...there's a plate of Chinese food next to me... it's....distracting.
Jan 23, 2009
lol... dexter, I think the joke is that the expression is supposed to be "it's always darkest before the dawn" meaning "things always get bad before they get worse"...so the boss would have been saying something to the effect of "it's about to get better", in essence.

Instead, he's gone with the tradition of things always getting worse and worse, with no bottom to the abyss of misery that working at this company apparently constitutes. (That's my take on it, anyway)

lololol. GET IT!?!?!?! :D
Nov 30, 2008
I am an IT guy and unfortunately I DIDN'T GET IT like Dilbert did. *Sigh*
Still not smart enough to understand ('get') ALL the Dilbert strips.
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Nov 30, 2008
Wait a minute, Why are they in their underwear? Those are their clothes not the company's. Or did they make a new dress code to go the with the changes?
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