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Jan 10, 2009
To infiedlq -
In reality, people with experience on a legacy system are in great demand as their numbers are dwindling fast (baby-boomers retiring) and their job prospects are as good as they get. And regarding giving Dilbert a break, well lets say I was a little irked and not angered at all. :) We are here for fun at the end of the day.
Dec 23, 2008
To dexter_greycells - I developed huge respect for legacy systems in my first decade as a developer, but going back to cobol or linc would be career stagnation,you know, as in rot, decay, rind, bacteria, and ultimately my CV would turn to compost.

I do miss the days when I could just solve the business problem, not battle stupid half-backed technology that doesn't work, running on an unreliable operating system, but like Dilbert I'd hate to go back if only for the sake of my career. You know that's what he meant, give him a break :)
Dec 21, 2008
Mr. Scott Adams,
---If you were a true geek/ IT guy, you would have respect for someone handling a legacy system.
A system that has been running for decades and is hosted on world's most powerful commercial computers (read mainframes) has to have something right about it, isn't it?
---Anyway, I know this is a comic and its purpose is to generally convey the normal public perception, which I believe is exactly what you have portrayed..."the biggest rind in the compost heap"...

Disclaimer - As you would have guessed, I am working on a "legacy system" window right next to my browser... :)
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Dec 15, 2008
cause it wasnt

( to phantommut)
Dec 15, 2008
Ha, ha! Compost humor.

/sebbin & sebbin
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