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Jan 2, 2009
I leave with you people a thought. This is a quote from Star Trek original series. "Love and Compassion are dead in you. You are nothing but intellect".
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Jan 2, 2009
I notice in this blog contains a certain lack of sympathy and mean spirited individuals. I understand just what I don’t like about IT. Arrogant MEAN spirited people who like to laugh at others misery. I understand I wrote about Martin Luther king as the civil rights leader and Martin Luther as the protestant reformer. IT needs reform just like the chuch . I don’t mean to denounce any religious denomination. Only the IT sub culture is rotten to the core and needs to be cleaned up.
People have rights & dignity. This is what I say and mean. People who work in IT have rights and dignity. I see here judgmental people; people who like to heckle and a certain lack of sympathy. That is why IT sucks. Mean people who like to upgrade their ability to tear down each other. Perfect performance by imperfect people is required and part and parcel of employment in IT. You have to be perfect and that is just not possible. You have to do what ever some stupid idiot tells you to do even when it is impossible. Either you are good at lying or you are truthful. If you can’t do exactly what they want they can dump you in a second for someone who will work ½ price and work twice as hard. If you complain about your fellow idiot’s attitudes or actions you are labeled as a whiner. You are blamed for their problems. I have a lot of this. I take their crap and they get ahead.
We have the most label intensive industry I have ever seen. It’s all about how you rank in their clicks and I don’t deal with clicks. I think the worst problem is young men who have not grown up who are smart but haven’t learned wisdom and how to properly teat others with dignity and respect.
Jan 2, 2009
wfitz1964 said: "Just like Martin Luther King nailed his grievces of the Church in Germany it changed the world."

Uhhhh...first off, I think that you MEAN Martin Luther sans "King." (Seeing as how MLK was not known for having done anything in Germany that changed the world.) Secondly, it wasn't the Church in Germany that he had grievances with, but rather the one in ROME.
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Dec 23, 2008
I now feel better about my lousy posts, can you say diatribe??
Dec 23, 2008
How is that a uniform?!?
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