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Dec 22, 2008
Live in Hell for a few days then your tune will change. Or you can say its better to give than recieve.
When you loose your job and are teased and teased mercesly your wont say your are a whinner. HR allways cans the person who is the first to hollar no matter who is the REAL insigator.


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Dec 22, 2008
To wfitz1964:

I label you a whiner.

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Dec 22, 2008
Agreed with Kevin, women like uniforms not costumes.
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Dec 22, 2008
I like this one it is kinda symptomatic of the company I worked at for 5 years. Someplaces need to have a whipping boy or a official "scapegoat". I did not truly relish my role as offical sacpegoat the good news was that I dumped that job on my successor. He only lasted for 1 year at that place.

I also am employed now in the IT industry . I wont name names but some vendors realy want you to be a real brown noser . You have to take all the BS do excellent work are expected to put up with the garbarge of the customer . If you make the slightest mistake or say anything when some one jabs you with a insult or petty treatmernt I got the can. HR only works to protect the companies ass from law suits and if you are the first one to complain directly to the idiot you are working for (i used to work in field service you had to go out to customer premisies) you get the sack. It it a bit like being with a overgorm 10 year old who is now 50 years old . You can't tell them to sut up and to stop the sh** otherwise you are the one who acted out and get thew sack because we can get another one of you for 1/2 pricew who will woirk twice as hard. This is the tech field full of hard working men and women how get the shaft and in the end watch thier lively hoods get shipped off to either China or elsewhere because cost is king lawsuits are queen and we have to have to allways act professonal event when we are aksed to impossible things for inconsiderate boobs who just want to bug us.

Thanks Diblert for being a humours voice for the oppressed unappriciated IT worker .
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