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Jul 12, 2010
I couldn't help but remember when Dilbert actually _did_ go on a date in a goat costume, as was mentioned in the first post.
Feb 11, 2009
...or maybe he just hit the face with the paint bucket and didn't realize that the line of the glasses closed off the nose from the fill.
Jan 2, 2009
My guess is that whether SA or someone else is in charge of coloring, it was a spot that was missed (Wally's nose, that is). The thing is, the nose is near the glasses, and perhaps the person who was supposed to fill in that part mistook the nose for the right lens of his glasses, got it right in the last frame, but didn't realize their error in the first frame.
Dec 31, 2008
To Paulsey: Umm... is it really a dream or is Dilbert just claiming it is in order to soften the blows
Dec 26, 2008
Very sick. Funny...but sick...
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