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Sep 6, 2010
Sorry, that was "e-jac-u-la-ted". Sadly, the censorship assumes it to always be in a certain objectionable sense.
Sep 6, 2010
The "correction" that the grammar troll has condescendingly !$%*!$%*!$ makes the sentence sound even worse. I'm pretty sure the guy / dame didn't stay awake through his / her semantics classes. And, as pointed out already, his / her unwarranted hyphenation casts a cloud of doubt over his / her efforts on English lessons as well.
Jan 22, 2010
A year late, but I don't care.

Actually red33410, he didn't "split-the-predicate" as you put it. Both sentences are complete. Had he left out the "it's" in the second sentence, I would agree with you, but he didn't. The only real grammatical error that could possibly be argued is that the clause is subordinate, but even that is a stretch.

Clearly you weren't as awake as you thought.
Jan 15, 2009
Too bad it takes ten years...
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Jan 14, 2009
Red33410's version is remarkably muddled compared to the original. Honestly most people dont know a predicate from a hole in the ground, so stop posting your inane grammar comments.
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