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Feb 7, 2009
Oh OK. Thanks. In my country if people don't pay we remove their fingers one by one and stick nails through their elbows.
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Feb 6, 2009
Bill, collections attempts to collect from past due clients. Essentially they have to deal with the dark side of human nature 40 hours a week.
Feb 6, 2009
That was funny. I miss Wally, bring him in Scott.
Feb 6, 2009
I'm going to go ahead they and guess they collect the money coming in. But with Dilbert you never know.
Feb 6, 2009
Forgive my ignorance but what does a collections department do*? It may be something you only have in America - I've never heard of one.

*If they don't actually do anything (which wouldn't surprise me), what is it they're supposed to do?
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