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Jun 30, 2010
Every posting site gets tons of grammer cops, ever been to slashdot?

Wonder how long before someone will call out my intentional misspelling of grammar .
May 6, 2009
We all are having. Umm... I'm sorry Red, but seriously, who speaks like that? English can't be your first language. We are all having fun or we're all having fun is fine.

Besides, it's a speech bubble. You can do no wrong in a speech bubble.
Feb 16, 2009
What is it about Dilbert that seems to attract the extremely strict grammar cops from all over? The comments throughout the entire archive are chock FULL of them! I mean, I get irritated when someone uses "their" for "they're," but these guys just take it to a whole new level. The grammar in Dilbert is fine, especially considering that this person is supposed to be TALKING, not WRITING.

Grammar is an ever-changing thing. English has evolved from a conglomeration of other languages over time, inheriting their words and inventing new usages. Look at the way Shakespeare wrote, and compare it to the grammar taught in schools today (the same grammar that obsessives like Red love to nit-pick about). Just accept the fact that a minor contraction like "we're all" is now perfectly acceptable in place of "we all are." If Dilbert made people speak with perfect grammar, it would lose all pretense of realism. And that's what makes it funny!
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Feb 15, 2009
Some of the few things about grammar I remember being taught over fifty years ago were that one must not begin a sentence with "and" or "but", split an infinitive, or end a sentence with a preposition. I've since learned that none of that was true.
Feb 15, 2009
How fun...why don't we just make contractions in comic strips illegal, just so it will be "grammatically correct" for everybody. The rhythm and flow of the dialog in a comic strip is irrelevant. Actually, if you wanted to make it more grammatically correct, you wouldn't begin a sentence with "and;" however, until "red" opened his pie-hole I had no problem with any of it.

That said, my brain is working overtime trying to figure out what the heck Wally did to these people to go through such extremes to keep him away from them. I wonder if this could possibly the fault of Wally from the future? (You know, the Wally who illegally uses time travel to go back and filch free coffee.)
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