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Nov 24, 2014
Is it me or is Dogbert impersonating Donald Duck?
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Oct 9, 2010
You look sexy Dogbert <3 We love you.
May 14, 2010
Mongobert must try and put picture of Dilbert in undies out of mind. Mongobert frightened. Not sleep well now.
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Dec 18, 2009
Perhaps aspects of the green movement have been derided for the simple fact that they are ridiculous. Perhaps regarding any fun poked at the gospel according to the goracle as hostile reveals more about your ability to handle 'twuth' than alleged hostility. imo, this strip has a decided anti stuffed shirt agenda. Refreshing that by its very nature, the pompous posturing of the environmental "movement" draws well-deserved mockery. And all this dated well before the whistle-blowers posted all the cynical fraud and conspiracy emails from the chief scare-mongers.

Guess I can't handle the truth either. Well, at least the PC easily frightened and manipulated version of truth anyway.
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Nov 29, 2009
I just noticed. In the fifth frame, suddenly Dilbert's tie is a full tie, but all of the other frames do not show this. Was this a case of drawing error?
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