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May 14, 2010
Mongobert find this funny! Heeee! Heeeee! Not know why other mental giants commenting on strip not get it.
Mar 2, 2009
This strip is so true it hurts - and it has been for a looonnnggg time. If you don't believe me, go read the book, Adventures in Porkland.
Mar 1, 2009
I'd like to see a cartoon depicting Dilbert and his boss standing in line at airport security... sitting in the terminal due to delayed flights... connecting in some oversized hub-airport, then cramming themselves into a "regional jet" while Joe sixpack looks over their shoulders as they try to work on a laptop or conduct business.

If only there were a way to explain to the general public that the airlines only serve a fraction of the airports in the country. There are literally thousands of general aviation airports throughout the country. You can't put a value on that kind of time.

The latest corporate jet stigma is grandstanding to the highest degree. They're doing irreparable damage to one of the strongest and most profitable American industries -- business jet manufacturing, sales, export, and service.
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Feb 26, 2009
What about Obama's private jet - air force one?
Feb 26, 2009
Agreed. But that doesn't make this comic any less funny.
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