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Mar 10, 2009
My younger daughter calls her Iphone "my precious", like Gollum. Fortunately, she's better looking.
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Mar 10, 2009
Plus carrying your phone on vacation is much cheaper; for roaming I mean
Mar 10, 2009
Oh man, this one's hilarious.
Mar 10, 2009
a perfect 10.0 but has !$%*!$ seen this one yet?

something tells me you're going to be playing out that scene from Cheers where Frasier did something to offend Lilith & Norm asks him "oow - rookie mistake... so what's your punishment?"
Frasier: "oh, I'm not getting any..."
Norm: "oh, you got off easy..."
Frasier: "no, you don't understand - I'm not GETTING any!"
Norm: "no, YOU don't understand - you're getting off EASY!"
Mar 10, 2009
"1.)Good gosh, that tie sticks out even Dilbert lies down!
2.)In Massachusetts and Ontario, Dilbert can marry his phone, if they both consent. flag this comment "

1.) Have you ever tried to eat while sitting in a cube? That tie is permanently starched from the coffee, doughnut filling, and/or catsup it catches every day.
2.)How do you get consent from a Blackberry/iPhone? Text message?
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