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Apr 4, 2009
yoshi, I don't think that bandage is for a cut on his forehead. I think it's binding his skull together so that it does not split in two and his brain comes tumbling out.

That said, this CAN'T bode well for the temp, as red alluded. However, it very well could become an epic battle for the ages, where it leaves the entire city ruined in their wake. If the O/QT must go down, I hope she does so in a blaze of mutually assured destruction.
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Apr 4, 2009
Her are a series of words that are no more useful than someone trying for their bit if nano-fame by trying to write a semi-intelligent comment on farcical a comic strip
Apr 4, 2009
Nice punchline. From the looks of hit he looks like he got an eyepatch to go with the cut on his forehead possibly along with the broken arm from an armbar, and that taped up knee from a kneebar/heelhook.
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