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May 18, 2009
Sounds to me like she want's to put a LIFE INSURANCE POLICY on him??
May 4, 2009
Oh my God! this is exactly my existence. My direct deposit goes into a "black hole" that is controlled by "don't spend any money till i pay the bills" which is a great. But after so many years, why is it that everything I own is still cramped into 20% of the house?

Guess the fine print at the bottom of the marriage license is written by the same guys that screw you on your new cell phone service (But at least its only a two year contract)
May 3, 2009
Though this strip was funny, I was wondering what was so special about it that it had been commented on 40 times (before I made the 41st entry!) The answer was pretty clear when I read the comment (a peaceful protest) which suddenly sparked off a chain reaction :)
Anyway, I never knew Alice was so mean.

And @Pclip, I think your use of the word 'goddamn' in your comment was intentional and relevant to what was going on in the comments section. I enjoyed it nonetheless. :)
May 1, 2009
@ leevclarke: well you're right, but it does seem the practical usage of the word has morphed from "debatable" to "of interest only to debaters" to "only academic interest", and finally to "pointless". All the more reason to join forces and not let idiots control the destiny of the language, lest we lose fine distinctions like the one you brought up. Is that a moot point?
Apr 30, 2009
@ leevclarke: Does this "Suicide Bomber" so happens to be Arabian in looks as well as having a beard and wearing Arabian style clothing?

If so, you just describe over almost Arabian, Persian and anyone else fitting that description so it will come to......about 1 billion people. Anyway, Muhammad doesn't quite have a distinguished feature like Jesus have so i'ts kinda hard to depict him other than Him being an Arabian and having a beard.
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