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Jan 24, 2011
magallanes: Which 3 of those do you fit into?
Jun 18, 2009
@CatbertRules :Your friends can easily find a guy online but mostly :psychos,gays, fatasses and disposables guys.
Jun 18, 2009
Hey, Dilbert's layind down some rhymes!

Hi, my name is...
My name is...
My name is...
Chika Chicka - Slim Shady

Jun 18, 2009
I actually think Dilbert is better off without her. Unfortunately, Dilbert himself will only realize this after he's chased her hopelessly for 20 years or so. Should she eventually decide to need something steady, he will go through 15 years of marital hell until she strips him of every last cent in the divorce as a coup-de-grace.
Jun 18, 2009
I have a friend who does this. She wonders why she can't find a guy...
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