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Jul 18, 2009
Some mirrors are actually one way windows.
Jun 21, 2009
@ mbh - Or alternatively, he needs to meet a female Dilbert, a Filbert if you will who thinks he's perfect as he is. Of course, it wouldn't last, he'd probably end up fed up with being out-geeked all the time.
If Scott ever decided to finish the Dilbert cartoons (please NO!) he could have Dilbert hook up with a young lady who can tolerate his geekishness and see the worthy person beneath, then gradually shave the geek off turning him into a regular person...
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Jun 20, 2009
Could be mirrors just as well, assuming you're looking at a reflection of their soul. You can see other people's reflections!
The only different being that their soul would be backwards >_>
Jun 20, 2009
When an engineer such as Dilbert becomes a philosopher, it seems that his current woes of his company overshadow his deficiency in dating. He is right, for inside the crazy are the spiders which are a metaphor for deceit and lies. The bad news always follows the lies hence the reason her eyes "mirror" the Ego of her soul.

Her statement is the expected rhetoric of a hopeless illogical narcissistic skeptic trying to attach meaning to life so it she can blame "it" for the problems in her life. Usually rain is a metaphor for depression and sadness, but since the majority of the world is in a drought, the rain is now leaning towards a positive meaning.

Either way, I tried to link this to face book unsuccessfully. The share button only shows people what a link to www.dilbert.com looks like, instead of a thumbnail of this wonderful strip.
Jun 19, 2009
They saying is 'the eyes are windows into the soul', not mirrors. That would be like seeing your own soul, right? Other wise it's a very true and funny comic.
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