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Jul 17, 2009
Wow, she's GOOD! Excellent Strip, Mr Adams!!!
Jul 17, 2009
Name Mohamed Ramadan Ahmed Salama
Address Zagazig Egypt Abu Kabir
Phone Number 20161913182
Nearest Airport Egypt Air
Age 21
Jul 17, 2009
الاسم محمد رمضات أحمد سلامة
العنوان مصر الزقازيق ابو كبير
رقم الهاتف 20161913182
اقرب مطار مطار القاهرة
العمر 21 عام
Jul 16, 2009
redplattforms: There is something called the Dilbert principle by a guy named Scott Adams, maybe you've heard of him before. It totally explains how PHB made it into middle management.
Jul 16, 2009
Bottle neck... Speed bump... We've all wondered HOW DID YOU GET PROMOTED?!
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