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Sep 6, 2009
My favourite. I love this strip, especially the last panel, which should not be taken literally. The last panel reminds us that we are all fallable.

As a consultant and I often have to answer questions about software which, athough I don't know exactly how it works in every detail, I know enough about in general about how it is supposed to work. You assume that the person who wrote the software wasn't from another planet and had some idea of what they were supposed to be doing. You assume that the software won't be totally and utterly bizarre.

The trouble is that every now-and-again you are wrong ...
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Sep 6, 2009
hahaha shoot me! XD
Sep 5, 2009
My favorite strip ever! HILARIOUS!
Sep 3, 2009
OK, I sell accounting software that handles payroll to engineers and some of the things I've seen it do to someone's data is scary after implementation! Although exaggerated for comical purposes, seemingly dumb questions like these are rarely asked and if they are, I would have the same response as the sales guy.

This strip is on our board at work and will probably never come down! We had tears in our eyes when we read it! There's nothing funnier (or scarier) than the truth...
Sep 1, 2009
LOL - LOL - LOL - This was the best strip ever !!!!!
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