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Oct 22, 2013
@ dan414

"My PHB would go on to suggest that I should have kids, and give me a deadline. "

Let me guess: the deadline would be like... six month from now?
Jan 15, 2011
For those of you who dont understand the joke, its funny to me b/c PHB keeps insisting on something that hes wrong about and that he's obviously wrong about. Thats funny. Or at least to those of us who have meant ppl like this in RL . . . The joke topic is just dramatic for comedic effect. ROFL
Oct 3, 2009
I work with a few people like this. An example of a conversation from the other day:
Colleague: "How long does it take you to get to work from where you live?"
Me: "The train takes 45 minutes."
Colleague: "Are you sure? I think it takes longer than that."
Remember, this is my daily commute we're talking about...
Sep 7, 2009
comics.com appears to have addressed their DNS problems (after 3 days), but Dilbert.com is still stuck on September 4th. It should be fixed soon.

(The pointy-haired boss at comics.com apparently ordered that the domain name servers be put on the same network to save money. Heh.)
Sep 5, 2009
The lady is definitely mentally weak else she wouldn't have given into PHB's insistence on something so outrageous. Either that or she is a loose character and is not entirely sure whether she does have any children (legitimate or illegitimate) or not!
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