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Sep 4, 2009
Hopefully he wouldn't insist on also being the father dan414. (Ooooooh, that would be awkward.)
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Sep 4, 2009
My PHB would go on to suggest that I should have kids, and give me a deadline.
Sep 4, 2009
I'm glad you work with him & not me pantrw!
Sep 4, 2009
This so defines my day.
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Sep 4, 2009
well, the PHB asks her about her kids, she says "i dont have any kids", but the phb instead of jus admitting he´s wrong, continues to ask about them as if to prove her wrong, it´s just an example of people who are blinded by their absolute need to be right all the time (i do find it funny, i have a coworker who is the most annoying person to work with, since he will never accept he´s wrong, even when his failures have been collossal failures)
have a nice weekend!
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