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Sep 17, 2009
I lived this. Owner of the company repeatedly hired golf buddies whether they were qualified or not.
Sep 5, 2009
it would probably make more sense, if you had read some of Scott's books, but be warned it can ruin you and you will never be able to let yourself become a manager, or many be you have no conscience and will be OK, perhaps pickup some tips.
Sep 5, 2009
If you don't get these recent jokes/strips, it would seem that you are unfamiliar with Western or English-speaking management style/culture.

The logic might go...
All the important decisions of successful Japanese companies are made on the golf coarse.
To be an important decision maker you have to play golf.
People playing golf are important decision makers (of successful companies).
'Obviously' it is better to hirer some important decision maker (of a successful company), than some technical expert that you don't understand what they do, so in your mind they do nothing useful, just give you a headache.
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Sep 5, 2009
This really doesn't seem like much of an exaggeration.
Sep 5, 2009
Should anyone wish to hire a consultant:
I am currently between jobs and have a nice large handicap (Your asssurance that you will win!) hahaha!
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