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Sep 21, 2009
@leevclarke I guess it was one of those too true, laugh or cry moments for me. On reflection it was funny and you have to admire Wally's mastership of his art.

@dennisgorelik and @CycloneGU "cow-orker" was (mis)remembered from one of Scott Adams' books (The Dilbert Principle, The Dilbert Future, Dogbert's (Top Secret) Management Handbook - this last one ruined me for meetings with management).

With reference to the last pane, it looks like the next thing you will hear is "pop!"
Sep 21, 2009
The actual term is cow-irkers. It's used in the book "The Dilbert Principle" (I think that's the name, I own the book tho).
Sep 21, 2009
Nice find: "cow-orkers".
Would Dilbert use that word?
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Sep 21, 2009
Wally's strategy of providing two unpleasant options continues to stymie PHB. This is a psychological trick mostly used on children (think of mom saying “Would you like carrots, or broccoli?”). We could all learn to use this tactic better with our PHB's, even if work-avoidance isn’t our (primary) goal.
Sep 21, 2009
Gah! I'm not to Wally's level of expertise yet. My PHB always told me to produce the meaningless designs. Then if there were engineering hours left on the project, I could bill the designs back to the client, otherwise it went into the training budget. I think that tactic postponed my eventual lay-off by at least 6 months!
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