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Sep 27, 2009
Panel 3 reminds me of the old Batman show where the villain's lair was always shown at an angle.
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Sep 27, 2009
Did Wally and Alice get up and go somewhere together?!! Ugh!
Sep 27, 2009
I also work for a private/public sector health organization, and the intersection of fortune 500 company state government health care = a lot of paperwork and policy.

On my first day of work I was told that everyone was rather busy with a project at the moment, but they'd left the manual on my desk, and that I should just start out by reading it. They had intended to leave the software manual for one of the products I was going to support, but the wrong binder was left out. I spent my first week of work studying the state procedure manual on how to write procedures, and the procedure on how to write documentation.

There was a conversation that Friday that included the exchange, "Oh no, we gave Steve the Binder of Death!" "@#$!, did he quit yet?"
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Sep 27, 2009
Poor Dilbert can't control his cynicism...and will never get laid as a result....lol
Sep 27, 2009
wow, I'm amazed. Scott managed to slip a star wars joke in without the flame war that usually would've ensued by now- cool. :)

I work retail for a corporation- we actually have, I'm not kidding, a policy about -viewing- the policy to change policy. The District Manager told us that in the training meeting, and had to pause for several seconds as he realised just how -stupid- this was XD
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