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Oct 27, 2009
Security guard. Oh yeah, that's typical.....use the blacks for muscle. Trolling is easy amongst rednecks.....as you can see, two of you took the bait. LMAO It's so easy even a cave man can do it.
Oct 27, 2009
Congrats, rigid. That's an excellent troll. I hope you get someone to rise to your ridiculous bait!
Oct 27, 2009
I did see an African-American in the strip, once. He was a security guard.
Oct 27, 2009
hey rigid and billyp: don´t you think what´s really portrayed here is the fact that no superior is fond of handing out bonuses? (unless those are directed to themselves...)
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Oct 27, 2009
Yeah, go on and minus-ize me. You are all racists! Yo Jimmy, come help me bro. Has anyone ever seen an African-American in Dilbert? If we did, he would be a janitor. Come on, isn't that worth some more minuses?
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