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Nov 22, 2009
@ucelen - That was witty of you (not so much of the company that you work for though!)

@sanddemon - The reason why COBOL code is still there at your place is because it 'just works'. It has legendary reverse compatibility (try to compile a 40 yr old COBOL code today and it will still work!) Why fix something that ain't broken? And ever tried to read a COBOL code? It is half English, half logic :)
You want up-to-date technology? Cloud computing? Fancy GUI based stuff? How about a GMail outage sound to you? Or may be the T-Mobile fiasco?
Nov 18, 2009
Great comic today, I must say!

Very relevant to my situation...

"Reject my leave why don't you... ARGHHH, just let me study!"
- Chip D. Panarchy
Nov 17, 2009
I disagree, Jazmataz. If Dilbert's company truly fired those with character, Wally would have been gone a long time ago...
Nov 17, 2009
They say "hire for character, train for skills" - but Dilbert´s company goes with the motto "hire skills, fire those with character"
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Nov 17, 2009
Keeping with times, PHB was not firing so quick before.
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