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Nov 16, 2009
This is scary. Everyone knows that he is a narrow-minded manager.
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Nov 16, 2009
Once again it SA tracks an event in my career with uncanny accuracy.

Friday afternoon late I requested training to back my play on my next project. Over the weekend I wrote up and sent in the appropriate justification statement. I awaken this AM to this find this strip.

Guess I'd better polish up my resume.
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Nov 16, 2009
sanddemon - nobody said Dilbert's company actually uses up-to-data technology, except for maybe the most current management methodologies for deciding which employees to fire.
Nov 16, 2009
Looks like the place where I used to work. Lots of "experts" left after the meeting. The blind leading the blind.
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Nov 16, 2009
Oh it's too bad that Dilbert and Alice are not in the last panel executing a high-five with one another.
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