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Sep 17, 2013
I just asked a co-worker this sort of thing a few weeks ago after he let his beard grow out. He said he definitely gets some looks from people. Nothing from Homeland Security though.
Nov 29, 2009
@bigjoeb - Point taken. Though Scott is treading a fine line here :)
Nov 28, 2009
BlueSky, as when Asok slept through a meeting as the designated note taker, that would be "employing heuristics."
Nov 28, 2009
So THAT is what the Emergency Preparedness Folder is for...
Always see one everywhere I work, but never get to read it, now I know why. Haha
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Nov 28, 2009
Ah, "Homeland Security" -- a deep and heretofore untapped vein of darkest Dilbertian humor.

Nothing exemplifies the Dilbert Principle more than the perniciously silly security theater that has been inflicted on us since 9/11.

If Dilbert doesn't lampoon it mercilessly, then the terrorists have won.
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