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Feb 16, 2010
Me too, Stargirl.
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Dec 3, 2009
This comic reminds me of a recent Fringe episode: "Earthling".

Dec 3, 2009
Hear hear phbKNOT. I miss Dogbert in Dilbert's home. And Rex. And Ratbert.
Dec 2, 2009
Ha! The corpse will probably outwit PHB and then stay as CEO for the foreseeable future.
Dec 2, 2009
OK, now PHB sees his big chance to vie for the CEO position. He'll bring to bear all he's learned (huh?) about running things. We'll get to see PHB playing vs. nepotism, favorite sons of the investors themselves. He'll be up against others who regard themselves as natural picks. Fun stuff, kicking it up a notch!
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