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Oct 23, 2013
I'm working at a University in Germany (by the way: sorry, if my english is weird somtimes).

We had a colleague who worked for the universities IT-Support. Beneath other stuff we are in charge for e-Learning topics, so we had to work with the IT-guy. Most of the time, it was absolutely no problem to work with him.

But sometimes without any appointment, he knocked on our door, came into our office, sat down at our table and stared at us. We were looking at him - waiting on any hint what's the reason for his visit. He kept staring.
So we asked "what's up?". Then, he floatet us with information about some meetings he joined with persons we didn't know and decicions about topics we haven't had heard of. Suddendly he stopped talking and again he was staring at us like waiting for our comments or answers or estimations or dunnowhat...

So if we had a little time, we tried to ask some questions, so we could know what he wanted to tell us and what he wanted to know from us.
If we haven't had, we just gave random answers about what we intuitively thougt.

In both scenarios, at any time he said "thank you", stood up and left the room. Most times we were wondering, if he got any satisfying answer from us. We could never tell for sure...
May 27, 2013
My wife and l face a language barrier. But she teaches English, so she's fluent enough. I hear stuff like that first sentence all the time, and fighting my way to the root of it drives me batshlt! "Gaaa!"
Jan 12, 2010
@garthm9 : It drives me nuts when I say sth to my husband and he won´t respond, not even with a simple "uhum". So I am not the least surprised by your anecdote´s outcome - I will give it to my hubby to read :=)
Jan 2, 2010
Morgan seems to be an avatar of Wally, just a little less outgoing :)
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Jan 1, 2010
Simple things can work, do not tell your boss it kills the hole "simple" thing at work.
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