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Jan 15, 2010
@ ZeOnlyRealBen: A couple of days late here, but I'm afraid you missed my point. I'm aware of Bram Stoker's work. Stephanie Meyer is sill crap and has turned her vampires into lusty, !$%*! teens.

The reason there is no premarital sex in Twilight is because Stepanie Meyer is Mormon. Living in Utah, I'm surrounded by them. In Meyer's books, her little lusty characters are pretty much on the edge of orgasim with each kiss. Bram Stoker's Vampire was seductive... not !$%*! 24/7 for a 17 year old girl. Meyer's also describes that vampire sex is so violently wild that they can literally destroy a house - it's like the A-bomb of orgasims, and it's stupid, disgusting, trashy, louche, depraved...so on an so forth. Mormons don't talk about or condone premarital sex... but they sure do like to get close then back off so they can remain a good little Mormon. These books are softcore Mormon romance novels. I think it actually outlines the sexual repression that a lot of Mormons practice. The characters may not be labeled as Mormon in the books, but the way they dress and behave is similar to how the Mormon teens are here in Utah. Whatever... my rant is done.
Jan 13, 2010
"...the bitey kind..." I love it.
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Jan 13, 2010
@rigid Yes, I agree with you that ultimately it is congress that does the spending however spending is only part of the problem.
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Jan 12, 2010
Alice: Do the vampires sparkle in the sunlight?

Salesman: No. They burst into flames and die screaming.

Alice: Then I guess we go with the vampires. I've always wanted to punch people while they were on fire.
Jan 12, 2010
Twilight, Obama, Madoff?? Wait, this is about lying salesmen.

I want more cow bells and more Ratbert.
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