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Feb 9, 2010
For Dilbert it's the old devil on one shoulder angel on the other. I don't know what's in store but I think the next strip should involve Dilbert and Alice's debate. It would be like the door keeper bit in the Scottish Tragedy as far as timing and pacing goes.
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Feb 9, 2010
Crank it up Dilbert, let that bad boy rip and see what the inaugral world record will be for launching a lubricated PHB.
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Feb 9, 2010
Revenge is close Dilbert :-) But who will annoy you if you blow him away? ,-)
Feb 9, 2010
Maybe he'll land somewhere in accounting. Would serve him right.
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Feb 9, 2010
In case you missed the memo lilwolf the PHB deserves it in a way only he can.
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