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Oct 22, 2011
@ewood: Robust means it can be used over and over again!
Feb 21, 2010
@itegem - Brilliant commenting :) - "Besides 'asking the marketing department' is equivalent to asking a wind organ for directions ..."
Feb 19, 2010
The second last frame where they all look at Asok is the moment that unites them. They know exactly what to do thanks to the naive comment from Asok.
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Feb 15, 2010
If I'm not much mistaken, robust would include both feature-rich and sturdy, right? That does make the argument about to ensue pretty comical.
Feb 15, 2010
Robust is a compound noun, coming from roe bust which is either:
1) Deer Chest = A deer's chest
2) Fish spawn burst = broken fish eggs

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