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Feb 22, 2010
powerpoint meeting boring speaker lights out = nice nap
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Feb 22, 2010
The pentagon turns out hundreds of powerpoint warriors a year, retiring to go to work for Boeing or any of 40 big wasters, spreading the disease.
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Feb 22, 2010
Wow, it's like my office but in comic strip form.
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Feb 22, 2010
@daveparadi, thanks for the link to the survey but I find it a little odd. 48% can't read the text because it's so small and 33% have trouble seeing the slide because of the poor colour choice. Many of those would also in the group complaining about having the slides read out. Wouldn't they want that? ;-)

Mind you, most of the presentations I've been to had all the faults but, in addition, the presenter spoke too softly to be heard.
Feb 22, 2010
A great illustration of the results of the latest Annoying PowerPoint survey at http://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/articles/annoying_powerpoint_survey_2009.htm. Thanks for the laugh this morning.
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