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Feb 27, 2010
Show it to the Garbageman. He'll not only know what it is but may have one in his truck!
Feb 27, 2010
If it's a puzzle box, it could summon forth Phil, the Prince of Heck, to condemn everyone's life to boring, fruitless endeavors for the rest of their lives. The joke would be, they'd never leave the office.
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Feb 27, 2010
Good grief, what's with all of the harsh feedback today? I don't see why the first few comments should have been downmodded so much...
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Feb 27, 2010
Although I don't think it'll happen (it'd be hard to get past the censors), I also hope this leads to a Hellraiser parody.
Feb 27, 2010
Maybe it's a cenobite's puzzle box.
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