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Apr 24, 2010
woder what the tutchy part was about
Mar 22, 2010
Wonder why Dilbert described Logan as "dense"...
Mar 18, 2010
I write software and I almost fell out of my chair when I read this.

I deal with system integrators who express themselves like this.
Them: The software screws up.
Me: can you be more specific?
Them: GUI hangs
several back-and-forths
Me: Send me the logs please, and I'll have a look.
Them: Sends screen shot of irrelevant log text.
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Mar 18, 2010
Sadly, communication from IT or and Engineering prospective sometimes boils down to this due to the density of the individual that the IT or Engineering person is trying to deal with. Trying to go into extensive detail of the problem is usually met with a blank stare or a simple "well.. fix it" statement. The best is when the business try's to use software in a way it wasn't designed or implemented for. Q:" It's not working...why can't we do things this way?" ...A: "because the original design spec was for it to work this way"
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Mar 18, 2010
That's exactly how my tech guys talk to me!! I sometimes think Scott is watching me at work.
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