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Dec 6, 2014
A poltergeist in the photocopier. Interesting possibilities when someone wants to photocopy his/her butt.
Mar 29, 2010
We now refer to our Printer poltergeist as "Going Green imitative". When you print, nothing happens till you go to the printer and put in your password. It really has worked.

For the PHB and other idiots that want to print everything, its added a new amusement for most of us. People print multiple documents, emails, or what ever and then wander over to the printer after they are done. For those engineers only printing 1 page, there is no pile with yours some where in the middle. You put in the password and yours pops out. But for the printer idiots, they show up expecting their pile to be sitting there as usual, first they figure out they forgot their password and then they stand for 10 min. by the printer putting in password for each document. Luckily theses idiots have forgotten which documents are theirs by this time. So they reprint and start the process all over again. Its awsome watching theses air heads hanging out by the printer trying to figure out if they got everything. All in the name of "Going Green"..Love it....
Mar 18, 2010
What happened to the old "ghost in the machine" (server farm)? Did it elope with an accounting troll?
Mar 18, 2010
My Notebook has a Poltergeist, too. His name is "Internet Explorer".
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Mar 18, 2010
I knew that kicking the copy machine was good for something besides making dents in it.
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