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Mar 21, 2012
Yanking the plug, waiting a few seconds, then plugging back in and starting up again worked for me at a previous job. The antivirus (McAfee, I believe) didn't try to redo the scan.
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Jul 1, 2010
Mongobert always amazed how people use comments to display their knowledge to others. Mongobert know this geek equivalentt to 'flexing for the ladies'. Mongobert sad for silly little geeks.
Apr 11, 2010
May be someday Scot could make a strip about how the antivirus (Norton to be specific) on the system keeps on eating all the CPU every noon during its daily scan leaving the machine unusable (and ending the process from task manager doesn't work because a good IT team does not give admin access to end-users!)...
Mar 30, 2010
@sidewinderguy: I actually had a fair amount of this sort of trouble with the Mac System 9, but none with OSX. Updates are very automated; the down side is that you have very little control over what to update (except to completely decline installing an entire package), and few if any preferences in the installation process. If you want anything different from the package, you go and tinker with it later.
Mar 30, 2010
@geppie: Well it isn't likely he's using Linux because you almost never have to reboot after installing a package. Come on, seriously, who hasn't had the annoying reboot-install patch-reboot-install patch-reboot over and over problem on windows?

But to be fair, the service packs definitely mitigate this problem quite a bit. Since they roll a whole bunch of changes into one installer, you don't do nearly as much rebooting.

And also, Linux is not without its share of problems too. It's incredibly easy to break your system just by doing an update, and then you have to do some arcane console magic to fix it again. This is fun if you are playing with Linux as a hobby, but not so fun when your system goes down and you can't get work done.

I don't have experience with the Max OS 10 world, do you guys have any issues with updates? How do updates even work on a Mac?
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